T S Eliot

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Once more I feel it necessary to describe the impact that this wonderful poet has on me.

It does go without saying that his poems stand the churn of trend and criticism and emerge ever fresh and beckoning. I was seduced by the fog and the deadpan when they called revealed glimpses of the mysterious bright images that spoke to my being.

I still do not understand. I know I could spend a lifetime of study with the hungry desire to analyse and comprehend. Yet I know enough … I feel the company of the work, the intimacy of its welcome.

I choose, joyfully, to embrace the fellowship of these heroic markers of moment. It is important to me to believe, to take their positions seriously, to include myself in their journey and quest.

I have no problems with declaring these few people as heroes in the Joseph Campbell sense. It is with deep gratitude and warmth that I embrace them.


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