Martha Graham

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While being stuck in a medical facility for a while I thought I might remind myself of the iPad’s ability to create some art.

There are themes or people from which or whom I can easily find inspiration. Martha Graham’s life is one example. Although I stopped studying dance the year she died, it was not her portfolio that inspired me…. it was something so much more.

It is not the significance of a black woman piercing the traditional and prejudiced world that was classical ballet of the time, nor the longevity of her activity or the impact of her influence.

To me, it seems that I recognise the gift that Martha Graham was. There are a few people or works that I can see as being heavy with blessing, designed as gestures that can change perception and the trajectory of the world. Whether I was involved in dance or not I am certain that I would be able to have surrendered to her Wonder, to admit to her Gravity and to enjoy her Stones.

Her faith in her ability, not just to dance, but to create. The momentum that she applied to her aspiration and the skills that she developed.

They are awesome to me … true divine gifts … not to her, but through her to the rest of the world.

So I am grateful to my core that she existed … and humble before the acceptance of it.



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