Groucho Marx NFT limited edition print

Buying this NFT gives you the right to have one Limited Edition Print of “Groucho Marx” (No. 10/10) made to your specifications by

The price you pay for the NFT pays for the license to make the print – you will pay Pictureframes directly for the physical manufacture of the print and any associated framing etc.

Once your print has been made and delivered to you, the NFT will be updated with the details of the physical artwork that has been manufactured.


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Groucho – the archetypal artist of the previous ‘turning’

1929-1938 is known as the last turning of the American age – we are currently enduring the final quarter of this ‘turning. Every 80 years American history revolves around a predictable pattern of ‘High’, Awakening’, Unravelling’ and ‘Crisis’. Right now we are in this turning’s crisis cycle.

The book that explains this theory is called THE FOURTH TURNING by Neil Howe… it is fascinating.

Recently a wonderful film creator named Van Neistat (brother of Casey) published his own Youtube channel and this episode depicts his clear explanation of the theory of the Fourth Turning. I urge everyone to watch it here

In the crisis period of the 1920s, the society met pivotal social and political decisions with a range of solutions, some progressive, some, not so. My hero of the time, Groucho Marx, combatted each and every ‘ism’ with the unforgettable and determined attitude of the great song from the 1932 film Horse Feathers

I don’t know what they have to say
It makes no difference anyway
Whatever it is, I’m against it
No matter what it is or who commenced it I’m against it

In today’s era of manipulation, censorship and social engineering – I’m with GROUCHO … question everything … become a hero.


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