Cecil Collins

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Every photograph I have seen of this painter exudes a humility that I can see in all of his works. I assume or prefer to assume, that he achieved such a balance in his life that his personality, faith and artistic achievements all met in harmony.

His paintings immediately resonated with me. His mysterious figures, symbolic of his intellectual thoughts were also models of his journey to the divine. They were visual admittance to the magnificence of this transitory life.

He ascribed every action and reaction to his belief, every mark or word were not his own but marks lent by the All.

He understood the weakness of artists to be seduced by technology or popularism. He himself was described as a surrealist, though he did his utmost to deny any belonging. He rallied against mass consumerism, industrialisation and the attempt to equalise the spirit in everyone.

he knew that to be part of it all, one must admit to one’s own unique position. A declaration of submission to the divine allows for a richer and greater comprehension of practice.

His work, though some would immediately describe it as romantic, is a fleeting gesture towards the face of God and his own reflection of mans position as the self-important fool.

It has made me smile and fill up from the inside.


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